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A D V E N T   M U S I C   F O C U S

One of our favorite musicians is Jamie Soles.  His music is great for making children of all ages more acquainted with the stories and facts of the scriptures. We’ve  memorized the geneology of Christ through his song, “The Line of Promise” and we particularly sing this song in the advent season.  Some other Soles’ songs we’ve focus on for the season include “Give Ear” from his album, The Way My Story Goes, and “Homeland” from his album Up From Here.  These songs remind us of  the many “Redeemer-Deliverer types” who ended in failure throughout the bible; they help us to recognize that, like Israel in its Babylonian captivity, we need deliverance from our sinful selves; and most importantly, these songs direct our hope to the One who was and is our Redeemer, our Deliverer: Jesus Christ, our Savior.

Some traditional hymns that the boys practiced on the piano for the season were “Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus”, “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel”, and “Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence”.  For the latter  song, we all learned the sign language and Elijah and Nathanael and I perform it here  with white gloves and a black light with Josiah’s piano accompaniment.  I love the way that sign language makes lyrics visual, as if they are coming alive and dancing themselves right out of the music to tell their tales.  And I like that in learning a sign, I have to savor a word, visualize it, do the word, let the word come out of me… an exercise that any Christian who treasures the Word made flesh can appreciate.  Here Elijah, Nathanael, and I sign with white gloves in black lighting, “Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence” with Josiah’s piano accompaniment:

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J E S S E   T R E E   A D V E N T   O R N A M E N T S

We used Ann Voskamp’s free Jesse Tree Advent Guide to make these ornaments that we added to the Christmas Tree this year.  Thanks Sara Cole for sharing this link:



Voskamp’s guide takes you through the scriptures’ stories starting where the story began in all its glory, in Genesis, the beginning of all beginnings.  Each day there is a picture ornament to add to the tree.   I glued the date on the back of each ornament.  Then each day, one child would turn the ornament over after the day’s scripture reading. As you progress through the readings, you rehearse the story of God’s creation, our fall into sin, God’s redemption, and the ultimate fulfillment of that promise in Christ.  This is the story of stories– don’t wait until Christmas to tell it, or you’re cheating everyone. (:

Jesse Tree Ornament, The Fall

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